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Contour CPAP Pillow 2.0

From Contour Products UPC: 737709004878 Item #: 14-151R Write a Review

CPAP Pillow
CPAP Pillow Lifestyle
CPAP Pillow
CPAP Pillow Lifestyle

Uniquely designed with CPAP users in mind, this orthopedic bed pillow is an essential CPAP supply whether you’re back, side or even stomach sleeper.

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Regardless if you’re new to CPAP or have been using PAP therapy for a while now—you know CPAP is a struggle! Even after getting used to the alien-type face hugger your respiratory therapist claims is a CPAP mask, you—like many other CPAP users—struggle not only with comfort, but with various compliance problems at night. Between your mask leaking, dry eyes (or mouth or nose), red lines in the morning and no sleep—you’ve probably contemplated giving up CPAP completely. You don't have to give up comfort in exchange for compliance. With the Contour CPAP Pillow 2.0 you now can have both! 

•    CPAP Mask Cutouts—Reduces mask contact to minimize pillow interference so your mask stays in place throughout the night to prevent shifting, leaking & noise!

•    Built-in Hose Control—Tether feature helps airflow by allowing your hose to move freely with you and eliminating the pulling & tugging pressure on your mask as its weighted down

•    Ergonomic Design—Supports your head and neck to prevent your face from sliding down on your pillow which shifts and tugs at your straps which reduces mask seal efficiency

•    Shoulder Crescent—Allows you to naturally rest your shoulders for added comfort

•    Orthopedic, Patented Contour Curve—Supports your head, neck and spine for proper sleeping posture to promote improved airflow

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